Fantastic RoadNinja App Will Keep You On Track
Traveling on the endless interstate can be torture. Fortunately, there is an app to help you plan a route filled with great pit stops. RoadNinja is the app to have so you never have to stop off at a creepy gas station again.
Cash Free Payment Going Too Far? [Video]
Starbucks as teamed up with Square that allows you to pay for your coffee without pulling out your wallet or phone.
Now this technology is on the way, when you walk up to buy a coffee the store will connect to your phone via voodoo magic  pulling up your account info along with a picture of you …
Who Needs a License? American Teenagers Prefer Texting to Driving
The state of the great American teenager may be driving most of us crazy, but a new study indicates that may be all they are driving – as today’s teens appear to be trading in sets of wheels for two solid thumbs.
Researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute say that nea…
Biggest Complaint At Hotels Is About WiFi Service, Not Cost
Hotels offer many free perks to customers, but none are more important than free WiFi according to new customer service survey. Some hotels have been forced to cut corners to save money, and their customers have noticed. According to a new survey, satisfaction with hotel services is now at a six-ye…

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