More Than Half Of Bosses Are Monitoring Their Employees Computer
If you're on your work computer right now slacking off instead of actually doing your work, your boss probably knows about it.
That's because a new survey revealed that more than 50% of employers are monitoring their employees computer activity.
So are you being monitored?  Find out bel…
Are Most of Lady Gaga’s 29 Million Twitter Followers Fake?
Lady Gaga is the unquestionable queen of Twitter, with a whopping 29 million followers, which is more than anyone else who uses the social media messaging service. Perhaps she was wise to start her site and foster an intimate and authentic community, since new reports have emerged…
Mark Zuckerberg Meets Facebook’s Oldest, 101-Year-Old User
While there might not be a spot in ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’ to praise Facebook’s oldest registered user — maybe there should be.
On Monday, Florence Detlor, the social network’s oldest registered user, celebrated her 101st birthday by crashing in on Mark Zuck…
Fantastic RoadNinja App Will Keep You On Track
Traveling on the endless interstate can be torture. Fortunately, there is an app to help you plan a route filled with great pit stops. RoadNinja is the app to have so you never have to stop off at a creepy gas station again.
Cash Free Payment Going Too Far? [Video]
Starbucks as teamed up with Square that allows you to pay for your coffee without pulling out your wallet or phone.
Now this technology is on the way, when you walk up to buy a coffee the store will connect to your phone via voodoo magic  pulling up your account info along with a picture of you …

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