Who Needs a License? American Teenagers Prefer Texting to Driving
The state of the great American teenager may be driving most of us crazy, but a new study indicates that may be all they are driving – as today’s teens appear to be trading in sets of wheels for two solid thumbs.
Researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute say that nea…
Biggest Complaint At Hotels Is About WiFi Service, Not Cost
Hotels offer many free perks to customers, but none are more important than free WiFi according to new customer service survey. Some hotels have been forced to cut corners to save money, and their customers have noticed. According to a new survey, satisfaction with hotel services is now at a six-ye…
New-Edition Furby To Be Released This Fall [Video]
Hasbro, makers of the "Furby," have come out with a new, more up to the times version of the furry little friend. Today's generation is growing up with smartphones and tablets and now Furby is too.
He now comes with revamped aesthetics, new innards and an appetite for Apple's iPad. His eyes…
WARNING: Your Computer Probably Won’t Work After July 9th
Tens of thousands of Americans stand to lose Internet service on Monday due to a malware virus that may have infected their computers more than a year ago!
Is yours one of them?  Probably.  Is there anything you can do about it?  Yes, but you have to act before Monday.
We Are Officially Addicted To Our Cell Phones
When was the last time you checked your phone?  Odds are good that it was less than an hour ago.
A new study shows that almost 60% of us can't go more than an hour without checking the phone.  The most shocking results came from the feelings that we get when we think we've lost ou…
What Kind Of Spam Email Do People Hate The Most?
Odds are good that your email inbox is flooded with spam email on a daily basis, but there are one or two that will actually make you angry.
According to a new study, people absolutely hate spam email that has their name in it.
Do You Think Kids Under 13 Should Be Allowed On Facebook?
Facebook is testing technology to bring pre-teens to the social network, but a lot of people aren't fans of the idea.
Most people will say that kids younger than 13 are sneaking on the site anyway, so Facebook is developing a plan to allow them to use the site.

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