Most Of Us Only Know One Persons Phone Number By Heart
Cell phones have changed us way more than most of us would like to admit, and smart phones have been a major factor in the change.
A study from Virgin Mobile showed that not only are cell phones changing the way we interact, but they could be hurting our memory as well.  Don't buy it? …
Want To Live In 258 Square Feet Of Luxury? [Video]
When Christian Schallert first showed his mother the apartment he had bought in Barcelona, she wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into. The apartment, no bigger than a single room in an American house, was tiny, dark and dank. But not for long.
B-Ray’s Must Have: Hover Bike
It's finally here the worlds first commercial hover bike! I can't count how many times as a kid I wanted a hover board, but this bike will do. If this isn't a Must Have then I don't know what is.
I can't tell you how awesome this is! I'm gonna be in love with this thing until I see Birdman and Lil wa…
If Twitter And Facebook Came Out In The 80’s & 90’s [Video]
Imagine if Facebook had come to the World Wide Web back in the 1990s... when the world was using a Netscape browser.
A group of wags at have created an approximation of what Mark Zuckerberg's might have looked like if it had been introduced circa 1995. It's basically the same thin…
PAL-V Is Potentially The First Commercial Flying Car [Video]
The flying car is almost here and this is what it will potentially look like it's called the PAL-V.  PAL-V stands for 'Personal, Air and Land Vehicle'.
If investors step in this will potentially hit the streets in 2014. Which means you have two years to get your pilots license, an…
Michigan Teacher Aide Fired Over Facebook Password [Video]
A teacher's aide in Michigan was fired because she wouldn't let the school district access her Facebook profile. She posted a picture last year on her private page from her home computer of a co-worker wearing pants around the ankles and a pair of shoes. A parent who is friends with the el…

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