Man Exposes Huge Flaw With TSA Airport Body Scanners [Video]
This video is causing a pretty big rift between the American public, and the already controversial TSA.
Since the introduction of the new TSA nude body scanners, people have had questions about their safety.  Health concerns and its overall effectiveness have been brought up over and over again.
The g…
Mercedes Makes The First Invisible Car [Video]
The guys over at Mercedes have developed a car that emits zero emissions, so for fun they decided to make it invisible also.
I get the concept. Zero emission means the environment won't see it, but to make the car actually invisible!? That's just reckless. And awesome!
Chocolate Milk On Tap? We Got That! [Video]
Here at Club 93.7 we are always on the cutting edge of new technology and innovation.
You've probably heard about the work environment at companies like Google or Facebook, and how it helps grow creativity.
We aren't exactly on that level yet, but this latest development might just help a fe…
‘If I Die’ App Updates Your Facebook When You Pass [Video]
In your final moments, updating your Facebook status or sending a Tweet should be the last thing on your mind. A morbid new service promises to take care of that for you.
Messages can be released either all at once or on a predetermined schedule -- meaning your words can go on, and on, and on ... o…
New Phone App Let’s You Remove People Who Photobomb [Video]
A new camera app allows users to automatically erase unwanted objects from photos, without using expensive photo-editing software.
Users can take pictures in a busy public place, but make it look like they are the only one in the photo.
The app is called Remove and was designed for Android phones.
‘Words With Friends’ Leads To More Than Friends
'Words With Friends' is one of the most popular social media games on the market right now, and it might be growing in an unexpected direction.
According to a new Venture Beat survey, they might want to change the name to 'Words With Friends - With Benefits'.
The big find is that o…
These Nuclear Cooling Towers Never Even Saw It Coming [Video]
It's a well known fact that videos of buildings being imploded are pretty cool.
Setting that video to fitting music, only helps to make a good thing better.
When you put faces on the unsuspecting nuclear cooling towers, it changes the game . . . forever.
Flying People Are Spotted Over New York City [Video]
Recently reports flooded in concerning people who appeared to be flying over New York City.
While this stirred up a bunch of people, the flying objects weren't actually people at all.  Check out what they really were.
Teacher Smashes Student’s iPhone For Texting In Class [Video]
Not sure if this is real or set up, but I can tell you this. If I was in class and the teacher smashed my iPhone with a sledge hammer...he wouldn't be my teacher anymore. The professor has a strict 'No Texting' policy and evidently this kid broke the rules.
Check out the video below an…

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