The Best Images of #Flintstagram – Monday July 8th 2013
If you're behind, you still have time to catch with us on #Flintstagram for the best images in Flint.  Today, Monday July 8th, 2013, I have five images from our Instagram hastag.  I think you should check them out.  Check out the profiles and if you like what you see, follow them…
The Internet Reacts to Sony’s PS4 Announcement
Yesterday, Sony revealed their new gaming system the PS4. Considering how up in arms everybody was over the XBox One, it's no surprise that people were more than willing to hop onboard the PS4 bandwagon. When they announced that the console would cost $100 less than XBox, it was basically all o…
Facebook to Implement Video Ads When Viewing Profiles
The website that you love to hate will give you another reason to take a break from signing on.  Facebook will implement video ads when you view profiles.  In the past year, Facebook has tried to bring in extra revenue with savvy strategies and they've worked, I guess.
Madden NFL 25 Releases First Gameplay Trailer Showing Off Running Moves
If you're not fan of Madden NFL video games, you may not understand the excitement of the first trailer being released. Today we get a look at the first game-play trailer showing off the running moves in Madden NFL 25.  Check it out and decide if the game is going to be worth the hype.

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