It's easy to celebrate National Farmers' Market Week when you have a place like the Flint Farmers Market in your backyard.

Since moving into the old Flint Journal building, the Flint Farmers' Market has become one of the best in the nation.  It has a great variety of shops, and a unique indoor/outdoor atmosphere that makes every visit different.

My family and I are there almost once a week for different reasons.  We all have our favorite places to go, but I wanted to list a few that we all love.


Spectacular Spudz


This is a must visit when you go to the Flint Farmers' Market. Every trip, at least one person in my family has decided that this is the only reason that they are going.  It's gotten to the point that the manager now knows me by name, and exactly what I am about to order . . . not just for me, but for my kids too!




This is another shop that I feel like we have a personal connection to. The staff has gotten to know my kids by name, and can even usually guess what activity we just finished when we get there. Other than the great people, this store is full of games for kids that will stimulate their brain. I think my kids would have me fired if I forgot to tell you to check out their amazing putty selection as well.


Willow's Garden Juice Bar


The juice bar greets you just as you walk in the Farmers' Market main entrance.  This isn't usually our first stop, but you can bet that while we wait for our potatoes to finish, we head to the juice bar.  Obviously, it's good that you can get such healthy drink options here, but something about watching them make the drinks is mesmerizing.


Michigan At The Market


This is one of my favorite vendors, and one that I go to every single time I walk in. They carry the Livin' Fresh clothing line, along with many other Flint themed items.


Market Tap


There are many other vendors that we visit regularly, but Market Tap is always the last stop.  After we've collected our food and other random things, we head upstairs.  Obviously, this is a nice break for Ami (my wife) and I to sit down and have a drink, but there's more than that.  This is also where my son and I have had many heated chess games.

On summer days, the kids will grab their root beer and we will head out on the patio.  This is my favorite part about the Flint Farmers' Market.  The patio lets you look at Flint from a different perspective.  We've watched fireworks over the skyline, relaxed on a summer night, and enjoyed the sunshine from the patio.  It always seems to bring out the smiles.


Honestly, there are so many more shops that we go to regularly, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for you.

If you have kids, make sure to check out the Flint Children's Museum in the back corner.  If they love to read (or if you love Harry Potter) then make sure to visit A Bit of Earth near the back.

There are too many good desert places to mention, along with all of the fresh produce that is available. I'd also get hung out to dry if I didn't mention Steady Eddy's. There really isn't a bad thing on their menu, and the vibe inside is perfect. If you love BBQ, then make sure to walk back to Charlie's and get a pulled pork sandwich.

It's hard to not just list every single vendor in the market, but I strongly suggest that you take the time to walk up and down each aisle.  Talk to the people working the stores, and I think you might be pleasantly surprised that they actually remember you the next time you come back.