I used to think that Chihuahua's had no actual qualities.  Sure they are cute, and they can sell some Taco Bell like no body's business but what are they really good for?  The answer is actually pretty simple, Chihuahua's dance.  If you need proof just check out all the action below.

I've made a list of what I would need a Chihuahua to do and not do, in order for me to own one.

Not Do

-Yap excessively.

- Pee when company comes over.

- Hump any available stuffed animal (unless its done for guests entertainment.


- Dance

The Dancing Chihuahua - Watch more Funny Videos

I actually feel kind of bad for this Chihuahua because in his tiny little "barely a dog" brain, he probably thinks he is doing something special.  That is just not the case though.

Then there's this one.  Actually the dog isn't actually dancing, and probably bit her person after this.

Oh, by the way did I mention I like to dance?!