Chris Brown honored his promise to reward the fan that found his missing Rolex.

While Chris was performing at this years VMA's, his $22,000 diamond encrusted Rolex slipped off his wrist.  He was very upset until a female fan returned it to his bodyguards.

Nobody knew her name, but Chris vowed to reward her when they found her. Check out how he showered her with praise for her honesty.

Alisha Borton is the girl who returned Breezy's watch, and when his F.A.M.E. tour rolled through her home town of Cincinnati she became the star.

Chris took some time to thank her on Twitter and invite her to the show.

Chris started by giving her two great seats to the show.  He had Alisha come backstage to hang out and eat some cake before his performance, and even gave her a quick shout out during his set.  He included an autographed picture along with a very sincere "thank you" to top it off.

It hasn't been all roses and rainbows for Alisha though.  She has dealt with quite a bit of internet hate since the story broke.  She took to her twitter to set the record straight.

Check out some of his show from  the Riverbend Music Center.