Chris Brown was visually dejected as he received word that he would be spending the next 131 days in jail.

Chris plead guilty to a probation violation over a fight that happened a year ago outside of a hotel in Washington DC.  Brown has been serving jail time since mid-March after he was kicked out of a court-ordered treatment facility for violating "internal rules." He had been at the facility for four months.

The judge sentenced Brown to one year in jail, but credited him time served, which brought the sentence down to 131 days.  That means Chris Brown could be in jail until the end of September if he is forced to serve the entire sentence.

Even though this is an admission of guilt by Chris, many of his supporters are saying that the punishment is too harsh.

Do you think that 131 more days in jail (including probation and community service) is too severe of a punishment?  Let us know in the comments below.