Chrisette Michele delivers a love song that is soulful that it will make you want to call your boo-thang up and say, "I love you."  The new video, 'A Couple Of Forevers,' gives us the first look at the new edgy look for the usually conservative singer.  Women and tattoos have become the norm but I'm not sure if I'm happy with Chrisette's new move.

I am not a fan of tattoos even though I have one.  After receiving mine in high school, I never thought about getting anymore.  Growing up I did not see a lot of women with tattoos like the ones Chrisette has in the video and when I did, I thought the women were bikers.  Honestly, I thought tattoos on women were not favorable.  Today that is not the case.

The Def Jam singer shows off her new look of tattoos but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  Ultimately it is her choice but I would have rather seen her keep it conservative.  I think Chrisette still looks amazing and I would still try to get on.  However, the new tattoo look doesn't excite me.

The video for 'A Couple of Forevers' was directed by Derek Blanks and the song was produced by Pop and Oak.  The song and video is still amazing and something I could enjoy again & again.  Expect the song to appear on her fourth solo studio album on 'Better' which is set to release on April 30th.


via CL