Chuniq Inpower is currently using her efforts to help feed the homeless with #HashtagLunchBag in Flint.  A native of Flint, Chuniq has been active in the Greater Flint Area and making strides. 

If you're unfamiliar with #HashtagLunchBag, it is a random project started by a couple friends in Los Angeles, California on Christmas Day 2012.  From the website, the intent was to make and deliver balanced lunches to the homeless community.  The group of friends used social media to share their efforts and friends inquired and joined in.

Chuniq is bringing the innovative way of fighting hunger to our beloved city.  March 22nd, 2014 will be the first time this program will run in our area.  Chuniq stopped by the studio and talked more about the project but the audio is not available to share.

If you're are at all interested in helping #HashtagLunchBag, feel free to contact Chuniq.  This is a great opportunity to help serve our homeless community with a balanced lunch.