Ice Cube will be known as two different men by two different generations.  I will always see N.W.A., Doughboy and Craig will be the Ice Cube that I will always choose to think about.

Unfortunately the younger end will think about 'Are We There Yet' and other family movies that the O.G. of rap is now famous for.

In honor of his 43rd birthday today, I'll give you my five favorite Ice Cube songs, but please Chime in and let me know what you would put on your list.

#5. Ice Cube - 'Check Yo Self'

#4. Ice Cube ft. The Lynch Mob - 'Steady Mobbin'

#3. Ice Cube - 'Down For Whatever'

#2. Ice Cube - 'It Was A Good Day'

#1. Ice Cube - 'You Know How We Do It'