The sneaker of the day goes to the Concept & New Balance 999 'SEAL.'

The Concept and New Balance collaboration catches my eye every time.  Today I came across the Concept & New Balance 999 ‘SEAL’ for the second time.  After checking this sneaker out, I am really sneaker struck right now.

Last year Concept and New Balance produced the ‘Kennedy’ NB 999 that I missed out on.  Now the latest collaboration of the New Balance 999 is just as appealing as the ‘Kennedy’ release.  The colorway for the ‘SEAL’ NB 999 is rugged and stylish.

Featuring a upper comprised of a grey ballistic mesh and stain resistant suede, the Concept & New Balance 999 ‘SEAL’ has accent colors of tan and aqua blue.  The design of this sneaker was inspired by Navy SEALs and you quick get that message when you see this colorway on the classic runner.  The combination of the grey suede and mesh lifting up the accent colors of aqua blue and tan, gives this sneaker a bold attitude.

Boston’s Concept boutique released the sneaker last weekend but I am sure you can find a pair of sell on eBay.  I’m actually headed to eBay right now.  Let me know if you’re feeling this sneaker or not.  Maybe I am just sneaker struck for a pair of NB 999s.  [via SF]