The sneaker of the day goes to the Converse Chuck Taylor Hi 'Sweat.'

It seems as if Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers have been around since Jesus walked the earth.  No one has researched to find out if this claim is true or not might I add.  It seem like everyone has that older relative who always seem to talk about when they wore Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers like we wear Nike or Air Jordans.  SMH

We do know that Coverse has been around for a long time due to the brand evolution that has happened over the past couple of decades.  You will not catch a pro basketball player playing in a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers but you will catch people rocking them for style and a casual look.  Now, Converse Chuck Taylor's are street-wear sneakers and are still relevant in the sneaker community.

Today we get to look at the Converse Chuck Taylor Hi 'Sweat.'  This pair plays with the idea of sweatpants.  The idea is conveyed on the white twisted laces that you catch on the draw string on the sweat pants.  The upper is covered in the heather red leather that looks like the inside of a pair of sweatpants.  Expect this pair of Chucks to hit overseas retailers before the USA retailers.  Check out the images below.

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Source: NK