Never will you ever hear this again but courts orders Nebraska police to return $1 million to stripper.  I wonder will she get cash or a check. 

Tara Mishra, of California, was an exotic dancer and saved her money up to leave the pole alone.  The rare stripper saved one million dollars and decided to invest into a nightclub.  Mishra sent the money cross country with two friends.  They were pulled over by police and the money was taken due to suspicion of it being 'drug money.'

Money was packed in plastic bags which could easily thought to be drug money.

After the U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon reviewed the incident, he found that the police could not prove the money was drug money.  Judge Bataillon ordered the money to return to Mishra immediately.

I'm not sure if Tara Mishra is still dancing but she can definitely produce a movie over this incident and possibly make more money.  Do you think Judge Bataillon is making a mistake returning $1 million to a stripper?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.