A crazy India boy poured boiling water on a girl because she decided to unfriend him on Facebook.  I truly think that social media is hurting the younger generation right before our eyes. 

Yudishsthir Yadav, 15 years old, stopped by the victim's home claiming to look for his I.D. card.  When he entered the home, Yadav held the young girl and her mother hostage in a room.  The crazy Facebook user boiled water and returned to the room and threw the boiling water on the innocent girl causing severe burns to her neck and face.

According to Gawker, the victim stopped socializing with Yadav on Facebook because he became abusive.  It wasn't unusual for the suspect to stop by the house because the he regularly tutored by the victim's father.

The bizarre boy is currently on the run from the police in India.  I hope the police can bring this 15 year boy to justice.  Facebook in itself isn't evil just the hearts of some of the people who use it. If I was the father of the victim, I would need Jesus to stop me from hurting Yadav.