The best part about open forum town hall meetings is that anyone can get up and say what they need to say about the issues.  That's what America is built on, but this can also become the worst part, depending on who's speaking!

Dozens of people testified for or against a proposed ordinance that would extend anti-bias protections to gay and transgender people in Lincoln, NE.  One woman's rambling statement is so tragically awesome, that its become a must see.

Jane Skrovata took the microphone at one point and for five minutes read non-stop from a rambling statement that often went off on strange tangents.

Objecting to the proposed ordinance, she offered her reasons:

  • "P-E-N-I-S goes into the anus to rupture intestines. The more a man does this the more he'll be a fatality or a homicider."
  • "Candida fungus grows hugely on a corpse. AIDS is a candida fungus disease."
  • "Hillary Clinton's roommate four years in college was a gay woman. To avoid going gay like Clinton did, college students need single rooms and single gender dorms... A college woman is seduced with illegal Rohypnol to go gay."
  • "Gays can transform to be celibate to live to be 80 years old."

So I think it's clear what we all need to do here . . . watch the video and laugh.