Denzel Washington already has one of the best movies of 2012 with 'Flight', but in honor of his 58th birthday we decided to pick his five best movies of all time.

I'm leaving Flight off of the list only because it's so new and it wouldn't be fair to stack it up to the list of classics that Denzel has built.  With that being said, enjoy (and weigh in) on the 5 best Denzel Washington Movies.

5. 'American Gangster'

Denzel is Frank Lucas, and this is one of the rare times that Denzel is both the good guy and the bad guy at the same time.  Unlike other movies that appear on this list, Denzel toes the line between sinner and saint more in American Gangster than any other role.  Ultimately his line, "In this life you're either somebody . . . or you ain't nobody" ends up becoming his downfall.

4. Man On Fire

Denzel is Creasy and is described as "A big sad bear" by Dakota Fanning.  What she forgets to mention is that he is a big sad bear that can, and will, kill anything in his way.  This movie tears at every heart string possible while still being an incredible action thriller.

3. He Got Game

Jake Shuttlesworth will probably not appear on any Top 5 Denzel Washington movie list, but the third spot is reserved for him on mine.

2. Remember The Titans

I admit that this movie probably should be number one on the list of Top 5 Denzel Washington movies, it's probably one of the best movies of all time!  Coach Boone is a legendary figure, and is only in second place because of a Spike Lee Joint.

1. Mo' Better Blues

A young Denzel isn't the hero or the villain in the roll of 'Bleek Gilliam', he's just a guy who lives his music.  This is an older movie, and if you are wondering why it's at the top of my Denzel Washington list you should go back and watch it.  This is a story . . . not a recreation of an already made movie, or something based on actual events.  It's a real life story that is told by the characters, and that just doesn't happen in movies very often anymore.

This list is based off my own personal opinion so I expect disagreements, and would love to hear your comments on what movies you think should be on the list.