According to a new poll, Detroit was voted Americas least popular city with only 22% of people seeing the 'Motor City' in a positive light.

The most popular city was Seattle with Portland coming in at a close second.

I personally couldn't disagree with the polls findings more, and I'll tell you the main reason why.

The survey breaks down its contributors by age, sex, race and even voting preference, but it didn't ask one important question.

Have you ever been to Detroit?

People find it easy to hate on cities like Detroit and Flint mainly because everyone else does.  Anyone who has spent time in 'The D' or the surrounding suburbs would most likely tell a very different story.

The other factor is that Detroit is a "Love it or hate it" type of city.  You are either passionate about your city or you don't like it at all.  All cities who have went through tough times can say the same thing.

For me personally, Michigan is my home and I love it.  No other state compares to 'The Mitten.'