Nike revealed the new uniforms for the NFL this season as they kick off their new 10 year contract with the NFL.  As promised, there weren't any major changes to the Lions uniforms, but a few other teams were not so lucky.

The biggest change in the Lions’ uniform is that their silver pants are less shiny than they were under Reebok’s design.   Some teams chose to keep their traditional collar, but the Lions opted for an update. The new collar uses what Nike calls “flywire technology” that “eliminates layers, reduces weight and provides lock-down fit.”

According to Nike, the 32 team uniforms are scheduled for presale April 15 at, and team websites. Jerseys will be sold starting April 26 at team stores and April 27 at retail locations.

The only odd change to any of the teams uniforms is the amount of neon green added to the Seahawks jerseys.  Check out all the team jerseys here.

New Nike Lions Uniforms