Detroit Tiger fans everywhere are mourning the loss of the "Eat Em Up Tigers" guy, after news reports came out this morning that he was killed in a hit and run along with Dreadlock Mike.

Anyone that has ever attended a Detroit Tigers game knows who the "Eat Em Up Tigers" guy is.  He has become a pregame tradition in Detroit as fans enter Comerica Park.

The urban legend is that he was once a homeless man who would panhandle before Detroit Tigers games with his signature phrase, "Eat Em Up Tigers."  A fan created a T-Shirt with the the man's face and catchphrase on it, but did not get his permission.

A lawyer offered to represent the homeless man for free and eventually the "Eat Em Up Tigers" guy was financially set by collecting money from each shirt sold.  He still chose to keep up his pregame ritual though because of the fan support he received.

Is this story true?  I honestly don't know, but if it is it only adds to the legend that will now only be told through story.

I, along with every other Tiger fan will miss the "Eat Em Up Tigers" guy outside of the games.  RIP.