The suspensions from Major League Baseball are being handed out today, and reports say that Jhonny Peralta has accepted his 50 game suspension.

The players that were suspended could not be cleared of wrong doing in the controversy involving the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami.

So for 50 of the remaining 53 games of the season, The Tigers will be without Peralta at shortstop.  This would normally be a big deal, but Detroit made a move signing Jose Iglesias.  Many people think that Iglesias is an upgrade for the Tigers, and he will take over the spot.

They may be right considering that Peralta will be eligible for free agency now that he is suspended.

This suspension isn't the one making headlines though, it's the A-Rod circus that has most of the attention.  Rumors have been everywhere from a 100 game suspension to a lifetime ban, sparking all kinds of conspiracy theories.