The Tigers were losing 4-1 in the bottom of the 9th inning, when Rajai Davis stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded.  I think we all know how this story ends.

It's the same story that every kid has played out in their back yard, over and over again.  Quietly whispering to themselves, "Bottom of the 9th . . . down three with the bases loaded . . ."  Then they toss the ball into the air, hit it, and scream "GRAND SLAM!"

That was real life for Davis last night at Comerica Park.

The worst part is that the person controlling the A's twitter account must have known what was going to happen too.

I'm guessing that they thought it was going to end in an A's win, but it quickly turned into one of the best Twitter fails ever.  After the game Davis talked about his homerun.