Macklemore is the hottest name in Hip-Hop right now, but Method Man thinks that the newcomer is taking a move from his signature style.

Method Man was on stage with Redman during a show when he brought down the music to talk to the crowd about Macklemore.  He said:

I was watching MTV not too long ago and there was a rapper on stage. This motherf*cker had a lot of energy. I was really, really enjoying his performance. I think his name was Macklemore."  "I see this motherf*cker do something that just pissed me off. He tried to actually walk on top of the crowd's hands. I started that sh*t! That's my sh*t!"  "Don't get me wrong. When Macklemore comes to your city, y'all show him all the love that y'all showed Red and Mef. But if that motherf*cker tries to do my walk on the crowd thing, I want Denver, Colorado to drop his a** like a bad habit."

Obviously there hasn't been any comment from Macklemore or his camp, mainly because this is ridiculous.

One of the worst things that a legend like Method Man can do is start to hate on one of the few legit new Hip-Hop artists coming up today.  With so many terrible acts out right now, it's a shame to see this.  Hopefully nothing comes from it in the future.