See what Diggy had to say about his debut album, "Unexpected Arrival": "It was just more so about me getting out my feelings through writing. That's when I started loving it so much. I was like, 'Man this is what I want to do.' That's when I took it to the next level and I started actually recording myself."

"It's me taking everything that I've done to the next level." Lyrically, everything with the production, all the content, all my experiences -- it's just way better than everything I've ever done."

On working with Pharrell Williams:

"Pharrell really inspires me from more of like a general standpoint of never letting people dictate who you want to be. That's a big part of who I am, just being me and creatively being free and just doing my own thing, no matter what's going on with the times."

On using emotion to make his song a hit:

"I had great things to say but I wouldn't just say them. I'd just rap whatever was written down even though a lot of feeling was behind it. Now I'm just way more mindful when I go into the booth when I record."