By now we all know DMX has a issue with his temper and drug usage.  When both are brought up on the upcoming episode of 'Fix My Life,' he becomes extremely upset.  You do not want to miss this episode, check out the trailer below.

The multi-platinum recording artist has been trying to regain his life back since being released from jail.  It seems to be a great idea for him to sit down with life coach Iyana Vanzant to help move in the right direction but things go wrong.  When Iyana ask him about drug usage, the emcee goes off on her.

Instantly after watching this trailer I said to myself, 'I hope DMX didn't hit this woman.'  I don't think he would or did because we would have heard about it by now but...  I will be tuning in to the OWN Network to watch this episode of 'Fix My Life' on April 13th.  Join me!

Do you think DMX is too far gone to save?