Your grandma probably told you that you should keep an extra pair of underwear in the glove box, just in case.

This survey done by the Daily Mail takes that theory to a different level.

It shows that 43% of single women are carrying extra underwear in their purse, but not for safety reasons.

The women say that they carry an extra pair of underwear in their purse in case a date goes well, and they want to look sexier later.

The obvious question is why wouldn't you just wear the sexy underwear in the first place?  The answer has to do with comfort mainly.

The best part is that 60% of the women said that they would never admit this to a man.

The thing that women don't ever stop to think about, is that if a guy has gotten to a point where he is seeing your underwear, he doesn't care if its sexy.

One more thing, if the date does go well and you switch to the sexy pair, does that mean that their are a bunch of girls with granny panties in their purse?