Facebook is testing technology to bring pre-teens to the social network, but a lot of people aren't fans of the idea.

Most people will say that kids younger than 13 are sneaking on the site anyway, so Facebook is developing a plan to allow them to use the site.

A new poll finds0 the majority are against a kid-friendly Facebook.

• About 83% said they actively keep their underage kids away from Facebook.
• Around 78% said they would not "support an under-13 category on Facebook."
• About 82% of people who took the survey believe the "possible Facebook expansion is a revenue ploy."

The new Facebook option would allow parents to create linked profiles for their children. Parents could change Facebook Timeline options as they see fit.

Some think the under-13 group is "a little too young" to be on Facebook. They think pre-teens lack the maturity and knowledge of online security to stay safe.

Others say that rogue pre-teen accounts already exist on Facebook. About 38% of children on Facebook are under 12. A Consumer Reports survey shows five million of the 20 million minors on Facebook are under 10.