I can't count the number of times that I've heard a weed smoker tell me that weed is much safer than alcohol, and that nobody has ever crashed because they were high.  A news station decided to put that theory to the test by getting drivers high, and letting them drive . . . for free!

This whole thing sounds like one of those police busts where they email a bunch of criminals telling them they won money, and all they have to do is show up to claim it.  When the dum-dums show up, they are arrested for whatever crime they committed.

So the weed smokers show up to the test and are given free weed called 'Blue Berry Trainwreck".  Yes it's free!  Then they get behind the wheel and test their skills against how they did on the driving course when they were sober.  If they were sober that is.

Addy is a girl that showed up to the free weed driving test, but she showed up high as a kite.  Seriously . . . she smoked her own weed, that she probably paid for, before showing up to smoke free weed.

The best part is that she did better than any of the other drivers!  In fact she offered some words of wisdom while driving.  Addy said, “One time in your life you get a chance to do this, you should do it . . . DOOOO IT!”