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Donald Trump is pissed at Mac Miller for using his name for his hit song "Donald Trump" and now Mr. Trump wants his cut.

I don't care how good of a rapper you are, going to war with Donald Trump could be the dumbest move anybody could do. Don't let the TV show and flashy personality fool you. I'm pretty sure that Donald Trump behind doors is a complete monster.

Mac Miller made a song using the real-estate tycoon’s name as the title. Donald Trump loved it and gave it praise, even calling Mac the next Eminem.

The track “Donald Trump” was a hit, receiving over 75 million hits. To show his appreciation, Mac gave Donald a Gold plaque for his support but a plaque isn’t enough for Donnie. He wants the mula and is planning to take legal action if he isn’t compensated for Mac using his name.

“Show Me The Money!” Check out Donald’s trash talk via twitter after the jump

via Donald Trump Tells Mac Miller He Wants His Royalties Or Else | RapBreak.com.