Drake really loves one of his label mates and luckly it's not Lil Wayne...he's already with Birdman. Nicki Minaj is Drake's 'Dream Girl', you seen the chemistry they had on SNL when they performed 'Make Me Proud' and also when they got fake married in Vegas. See what Drizzy had to say about Miss Minaj below.

He said:

"Nicki is just like on some next s**t, man. She's on some pop icon megastar, and that's what she wanted so bad. Nicki told me she's about to get back on some spitter s**t. Which I'm excited for. One thing I don't want her to do is ever like get lost in the pop world. She's a f**king amazing rapper."

"Her loud personality is something, but her toned-down personality is something even more. She knows that s**t. She knows not to wear no makeup around me because I'll be f**king on that s**t. She come into the studio with me, no makeup and she's rapping? I'm proposing right there. That s**t is so attractive to me. She's so attractive to me. She just can rap. What other girl can rap like that? That's who I want to be my girl, you know? I want my girl to spit like that. Basically. Dreamgirl."

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