Dwyane Wade pulled the old, "I'll knee you in the crotch when you're not expecting it" move on Ramon Sessions the other night, and now both men are feeling the after affects.

Sessions is feeling it in the form of pain when he tries to sit, pee, spend any sort of quality time, walk or breathe.  Wade is feeling it in the form of backlash from NBA fans who already think he might be a little bit on the bitch side.

Wade has built an impressive career resume, but along the way has lost a lot of respect by building a reputation of a cheap-shotting, over dramatic flopper.  I am a huge D Wade fan, but after this even I have to throw a man foul against him.  I would expect something like this from Lebron, but from you Wade?  I expected better.

The simple rule about a 'nutshot' is that you don't do it.  If you are in a life or death street brawl, then it's almost acceptable . . . as long as you don't brag about your win after pulling the move.