The judge showed extremely leniency for Edwin Schmieding in court over him growing 8,000 pot plants.  Instead of handing down several years in prison, he was given probation. 

Edwin Schmieding, 61 year-old Adrian, Michigan resident, was given two years probation for growing a large crop of marijuana plants which is uber illegal.  Due to his friends and family writing character letters to the judge, he was shown favor.

Schmieding and his wife started growing the large crop to anticipate being apart of the medical marijuana industry here in Michigan.  Unfortunately, their plans failed and Edwin was facing years in prison.  According to the AP, Edwin took responsibility for his actions.

"I take full responsibility for my actions," Schmieding told the judge as relatives wept in the courtroom gallery. "I've lived a hard-working life. I give you my word: I'll be a responsible citizen."

The 61 year old weed farmer had battled throat cancer and was very generous to his family and friends.  The weed farmer was known for helping neighbors pour concrete and lend tool even while going through cancer treatments.  The cannibus farmers even lived in a home built by his hand and warmed with firewood.  Talk about humble.

The judge and the Assistant District Attorney both felt it was necessary to stray away from the normal sentencing structure. Edwin was given two years probation for living a good life but just making a horrible mistake.

"It's a bad thing that's happened to you but you've lived a good life," the judge said.

After getting to know the back story to the weed farmer, I think the judge made the right call.  I know someone will object because they're friend of family member got sent away for less weed but did they live a good life?  Probably not. I hope things turn around for him and his family.

Do you think Edwin Schmieding should have received jail time or no time at all?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.