Growing up my mom told us never to eat food from strangers or when visiting someone's home.  Hearing news of a school aide feeding students pet treats that were thought to be cookies proves her point.  Parents, please warn your children. 

At Upper Fredrick elementary school, an aide, passed out around 75 pet treats to students.  Staff and students were told they were either crackers or cookies.  Some students ate them with trust that they were not harmful.  Thankfully, the treats were not harmful unless a kid had food allergies.

There has not been any information released for the motivation behind the mistaken cookies being giving to the students.  The school district has placed the aide on administrate leave during the investigation.

Parents are really upset, as they should be, as to how this could possibly happen.  One student ate three of the treats and told the local news in Pennsylvania,

"She made it look like it was a joke that they were dog treats and then she came around and said, 'No they are cookies. They are fine.'"

Again, parents please warn your children to not eat food from strangers or teachers.  This is sad and disappointing.