Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" sat down with Sway from MTV to talk about the new EP dropping on June 14th titled Hell: The Sequel. The track list hasn't been released yet, but they did confirm Bruno Mars as part of the EP and the Album Cover is pretty dope! Check out the 3 part interview below and see who's "Bad and who is Evil" really stands for and what Em says about his acting career! If you can't wait you can purchase the new single "Fast Lane"

Eminem on his acting:

"I think Ice Cube said this one time; I think I heard him say this one time, 'If you can rap, if you can perform to the camera for singing and videos, it should be a pretty, fairly natural transition.' I felt like having heard him say that was like, 'Oh, this may be fairly easy', and it wasn't."

"It's a whole different thing, because you may be used to performing to the camera, but it's a whole different ball game when the music is off and you have lines that you need to say. It takes a minute to get used to."