Eminem sat down to talk about the drug problems he dealt with for a new documentary produced by 50 Cent called 'How To Make Money Selling Drugs.'

The video is very raw and unedited, and that helps the emotion come through.  Eminem looks like he could break down at any time as he relives the days of his drug use.

It's rare that Em gives such a candid look at one of the low points in his life, but its important that he did.  He brings up some very valid points about the mentality of a pill popper that someone who has never used drugs might never understand.

I hope that the rest of the documentary lives up to this clip of Eminem.  If it does, it promises to be a very powerful piece.

On a side note, Eminem was photographed at the 55th Annual Detroit Fireworks with police moments before the terrifying stampedes broke out.  Click on the pictures below to see some scary videos from the stampede.