VIBE Magazine gets Eminem and Yelawolf to land on the cover of the year end issue.  Shady Records artist Eminem and Yelawolf sat down with VIBE to talk about a wide range of things.  From the excerpt giving by VIBE, Em and Yela talked about drug addiction, race in Hip Hop, and much more.  I think this issue may spark some great conversation that probably are long over due.  Check out the excerpt below.  The issue hits stands on December 6th.

Eminem, what advice do you offer, if any, on being scrutinized for being a white rapper. Do you guys ever talk about race in that way?
Eminem: We make jokes about it, but I don’t think we talk about it in depth. As I was listening to his music, I am not even thinking about any of that shit. It’s just the music. That’s one of the things that’s great about it. I’m not even thinking about it when I hear the music.
Yelawolf: We do poke fun of it because it’s funny. Like, he calls me White Dog.

Oh, you called him that on the BET Awards Cypher. I didn’t realize it was an ongoing joke?

EM: Yeah, or Beige Sheep. [Laughs]

YW: Cracker Nuts. Whatever, I think it’s kinda unspoken.

EM: We deal with it enough as it is. So now, let’s make music.

YW: Let’s make great records. At the end of the day, that’s all there is to do.