According to CNN, FAMU has suspended the student dance team Torque for hazing allegations. Over the holiday weekend a parent of one of the active members of the dance reported a hazing incident to the university.

Florida A&M University is no stranger to hazing incidents gone bad.  Back in 2011 a drum major for FAMU marching band was killed due to a hazing event which gained international attention.  Now wrestling with the lawsuit for the parents of the deceased drum major, FAMU immediately suspended the Torque dance team after receiving allegations.

Allegations came in Tuesday afternoon from parents who said an off campus hazing incident happened over Labor Day weekend.  Those who were hazed had to consume alcohol and run up some hills.  For some that doesn't seem like much but hazing had lead to several deaths of college students.  Any hazing should not be tolerated.

I pray that FAMU suspension of the Torque Dance Team reminds us all how serious hazing is and how we need to produce preventive measures against hazing.  It is back to school season and I hope this remind parents and student to leave that hazing stuff alone.