Claressa Shields is more than just a record setting, gold medal winning Olympian.  She's an inspiration to Flint, and that showed true at her welcome home celebration.

The crowd gathered at the Dort Federal Event Center Thursday night to welcome Claressa home to Flint.  Everyone wanted to get a moment with the champ, and Shields did not disappoint.

Aside from her championship boxing ability, that is probably the most amazing thing about her . . . the fact that she genuinely takes care of her fans.  She makes sure to take time to talk to every fan that approaches her.  She knows how important her fans are, and talked about her younger fans saying,

All these kids, they just want somebody who comes from the same place they come from to give them some advice and to help them. And I've been inspiring the kids to do great and even though it's through boxing, they can also see my personality and who I am

She will be making more public appearances throughout the weeks to come.  So if you see her, make sure to stop and congratulate her.

Maybe you should also take a minute to say thanks.  Thank you Claressa for showing kids in Flint that they can do anything they want.