These kids took the normal School Fire Alarm to a whole new level!Normally when a fire alarm is going off kids casually get up and go outside of the school while the teachers are trying to keep you in line and quiet. Well these guys decided to make a Rock Anthem out of the actual Alarm. This is where Rock Legends are made!

This song is on Fire! Okay forgive me for the corny joke, but this is kinda dope. I like when kids are creative in a fun and clever way. When I was in school and the fire alarm went off we just took it as a sign that we had about 15 minutes to go hang out with our friends and talk trash. We didn't do anything creative or unique. We just talked or looked at girls.This is an example of how YouTube can be great. These little dudes are going to walk right into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and become Legends. Well maybe at least in a 15 mile radius of their school. Either way I bet you they get the girls now! Rock on Young Playa's, Rock on!