Flavor Flav is well known as the hype man for Public Enemy, now it appears he is taking on that same role for Southwest Airlines. Check out this recording of Flav's audio hijacking, where he also sneaks in a mention of his new chicken joint.

He may have been more involved with reality TV shows like 'The Surreal Life,' 'Flavor of Love' and 'Celebrity Wife Swap' than music over the past decade, but Flavor Flav returned to the audio trade on a flight from Burbank, California to Sin City last week...sort of.

According to TMZ, Flav took to the aircraft's intercom to announce the weather, thank the staff and ultimately plug his new, cleverly-named restaurant, 'Flavor Flav's House of Flavor.' Shameless self-promotion or not, that beats the hell out of listening to the monotone pilot tell you the altitude and weather -- check out the audio below.