Flint activist and well known author Shawnte Lawrence is back at it again.

But instead  of pushing books, she is this time pushing peace and harmony to stop the ongoing violence going on in the city.

Ms. Lawrence believes there is too much hate, death, and violence and wants to bring positive energy and raise awareness in the city of Flint and around the world.

UHatin? University goal is to reduce hate, voilence and promote education throughout communities worldwide.

The UHatin? University program took the ignitive of recruiting ambassadors all over the world to help get the world where it needs to be.

The UHatin? program also is out working hard daily to seek sponsorships to put back into communities.

The goal is to be able to provide children with different alternatives rather than just speaking with them about violence.

The goal that UHatin? University is reaching for is to give children hope again, provide them with a voice, provide them motivation, promote education, reduce hate, open programs in communities that need them, be there for them and most of all teach unconditional love.

Uhatin? was started by Brian Afandor and Lance Silver and work side by side with Lance to get things where it's needed to be for communities all over the world.

Lance is a very dedicated man to make change all over the world and to bring forth funding for the children in the communities

The founders developed a vision to make the world a better place for everyone.

The most interesting part are the many programs to guide children away from violence and drugs.