'Rock Center with Brian Williams' did a story in Flint Wednesday night that, for once, showed a glimmer of hope.

Normally around here anytime we hear Flint in the news we expect it to be near the top of some terrible list.  It was nice to see a better picture of our town being painted in a national light last night.

Here is the teaser promo that ran for the show.

The story pointed out that the addition of the third shift in Flint has added 750 jobs at the plant. Most of the jobs have gone to long laid-off auto workers. The jobs pay around $29 an hour with benefits.

The Flint workers in the piece say that the third shift makes them hopeful about Flint’s future.

“We’re always looking for available floor space.  I want to fill every inch.  I want all the jobs.  I want to continue to build trucks.  I want our kids hopefully down the road to have jobs too, right here in Flint”

Flint, nicknamed ‘Vehicle City,’ has long been emblematic of the rise and fall of the auto industry.  It has shrunk to almost half the city it once was. In its heyday, there were 80,000 auto related jobs, now there are only 7,000 auto related jobs.