A Flint Domino's employee never expected that her shift at Domino's would end with an ignored 911 call, and a trip to the hospital. 

Napthen is the manager of the Domino's on Ballenger Highway in Flint, and things took a turn for the worse when a customer became angry about not getting a full refund.

The customer wanted to get $97 back from a pizza order she had placed a week ago, but due to company policy she couldn't get the full amount.  When the customer became unruly Napthen called 911 only to be told that nobody would be able to come to the store.

The angry customer finally left, and Krystal Talbot (another employee) followed them out to get a license plate number so she could file a police report later.  That's when several other people got out of the car and assaulted Talbot.

The crazy thing is that we are used to hearing about delivery drivers running into problems, but never someone at the actual store!  Some people are saying that Talbot should have never left the store, and I tend to agree, but she obviously didn't deserve to get beaten up.

So who is to blame for all of this?  Domino's for not refunding the entire amount?  Flint Police for not being able to dispatch a car?  Talbot for leaving the safety of her store?  Or the ratchetness of the customer who decided to beat down an employee for following company policy, and trying to keep her job?   I blame the ratchets . . .  and a little bit of 911.