Flint Emergency Financial Manager Ed Kurtz stays in power after court ruling.  Ed Kurtz and his team will stay in power after judge throughout the lawsuit to remove him.  Flint has been under financial problems for awhile now.  City Council has fought very hard to get back in power but they lost a small battle in the war to fix Flint. 

According to MLive, Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina denied the removal of the emergency managers after voters threw away Public Act 4.

She ruled that Public Act 72 -- a predecessor to Public Act 4, the controversial emergency manager law that was rejected by voters in November -- survived in its entirety and remains in effect.

Ed Kurtz responded to the ruling on Wednesday,

"Looks like I'll be back to work tomorrow," Kurtz said Wednesday evening after learning of the judge's decision. "We'll be back to work as usual."


With all this fighting back in forth between the Emergency Management team and the City Council, is Flint becoming better or just embarrassing?