There are a growing number of people selecting to go the fake butt route.  Whether it is ladies getting injections or the men who love them, fake butts are here.  Flint, how do you feel about fake butts?

Getting the butt injections could be fatal or cause serious heath problems.  Even with the potential harm, women are still signing up for the fake butt sorority.  Granted, women have the right to do whatever they want to do with their body.  Ladies, I simply want to know, if you could afford it, would get a fake rump?

I think I am in the minority of men when it comes down to the fake rumps.  I am not a fan of my significant other having a false backside.  I would imagine most men would not have a problem with their woman having plastic surgery to enhance her buttocks.  Fellas, are you okay with your significant other having a fake booty?