When you live in Flint, it's tough to be surprised by anything, but you have to assume the dude that came home to find two garbage bags full of pot in his driveway had to be a little shocked.  Check out the details and find out what the dude did with the weed.

According to Flint police, a Flint man called in a discovery that some people could only dream of.  The man found two garbage bags filled with marijuana just sitting in his driveway when he came home.  The man called police to report the finding, and handed over the weed as evidence. His name and address are not being released for his own protection.

It's hard to imagine what you'd do in that situation, but handing over the pot was probably the best thing the guy could have done.  I know some would be tempted to use it for their own personal smoke or to sell it for profit, but either of those decisions could have wound up ugly.  What if the rightful owner of those two giant bags came back looking and found you making profit off of his product?  There was no word on the quality or the value of the bud either, but you'd have to assume 2 garbage bags worth would be worth a decent amount of money.

Source: MLive