My former Pastor, Reginald Flynn, has promised to interrupt the Crim Race this year over his 'irate' feelings towards Mike Brown's decision to sell Genesee Towers.  Pastor Reginald Flynn is upset that grant money is being spent on downtown re-development instead of the less fortunate areas of Flint.

Pastor has been very displeased with decisions made by Mike Brown and the Emergency management team concern funds for the City of Flint.  Pastor Reginald Flynn has even allowed himself to be arrested in a protest against Mike Brown.

I am deeply sadden by the actions of my former Pastor who I think I have a good relationship with.  As a Christian, I am disappoint the route Pastor Flynn is taking to resolve his frustration.  If Pastor Flynn fulfills his promise to interrupt the Crim Race, he would more than likely embarrass the Christian community.

Flynn said he's "irate" former emergency manager Michael Brown sold the city's tallest building without public notice for $1, and committed $750,000 in federal grant money toward demolishing the structure, which would be replaced with a downtown urban plaza, according to a development agreement authorized by Brown.

Flynn said the grant money could be better spent in the city's poorer neighborhoods to fight blight, rather than the downtown area.

"Some of these deals being finagled are really unfair to the citizens," Flynn said. "Particularly as it relates to these dollars for the poor areas of the city."