A Flint teenager was robbed after trying to sell his school issued laptop to known drug dealers. Instead of using the laptop to advance his education or use it to make some money, the misguided teen decided to sell his laptop.

The 15 year old victim has not been identified because he's a minor.  According to MLive, on January 22nd, the victim was robbed by two men at gunpoint for the Mac laptop and $20.  The suspects met the victim at a different location.  The teen got in a burgundy Bonneville with the suspects and arrived on East Carpenter Road where to robbery took place.

The teen called the police but the suspects were not on the scene when police arrived.  No arrest have been made.  I really hope the teen learned a valuable lesson.  When someone gives you a tool to better yourself, use it.  Do not try to sell it.  Parents, please inform your children the value of an education.