While you're driving this weekend, please know that seat belt and drunk driving patrols will increase for the holiday weekend. The last warm season holiday will have cops everywhere looking for traffic violators.

The 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' campaign is funding the extra patrol in our area to keep us all safe. Police all over the state are participating in this weekend's patrols. The Labor Day weekend is known for people traveling and the roads need to be safe.

Michigan Office of Highway Patrol Director, Michael L. Prince tells MLive how important it is to keep the roads safe this weekend.

"The Labor Day holiday weekend is a time for many families to celebrate and travel our great state. For law enforcement officers, however, it is a time for extra drunk driving and seat belt patrols."

"These dedicated officers will be conducting strict, stepped up enforcement so everyone can travel safely this holiday."

Flint, be safe on the road and buckle up. Please, no drinking and driving.